Micro-Flexible Annular Hose

Micro-Flexible Annular Hose

Micro-Flexible Annular Hose

Also known as “Micro-Flexible Tube (MF)”


With the use of SUS316 Stainless Steel, this tube:

  • Resists rusting
  • Withstands pressure, high and low temperatures

Armored stainless steel braiding used in conjunction will increase this conduit’s high-pressure capabilities.



For high-precision mechanical equipment such as:

  • Semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing devices
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment
  • Biological and food processing equipment where durability, pressure maintenance and safety are required
  • Optical fiber protection requiring air-tightness
  • Medical applications (ex: blood cooling in cryogenic heat exchangers)
  • Delivery pipe for oil, steam, air and other fluids in vacuum equipment



Test data:

Working pressure: Ultra-high Vacuum – max. 0.5 m·Pa

Leak Allowance:

Less than 1.33 x 10-10 Pa·m3/sec

Size of metal fittings:

3.18mm, 6.35mm, Special metal fittings available





ID mm (inch)
OD mm (inch)
Approx Weight (g/m)
MF-3A 3.5 (0.138) 5.0 (0.197) 30
MF-4.5A 4.5 (0.177) 7.0 (0.276) 65
MF-6A 5.5 (0.217) 8.5 (0.335) 70
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